*Tickets available for purchase on location in The G.B. Hodge Center. There will be a service charge of $1.00 for all tickets purchased on location.

Reseved Seating
VIP Courtside Seating
Students / Faculty / Staff  
Free with Valid USC Upstate ID (limited)


 *There is a limited amount of tickets for USC Upstate Students, Faculty, and Staff ONLY. USC Upstate students must present Student I.D. when recieving ticket and when entering The Hodge Center Arena.

*USC Upstate Students, Faculty, and Staff can pickup their tickets on Wednesday, March 14, from 7:30am-9:30am and 1:00pm-3:00pm in The Hodge Center Lobby.

*Students, Faculty, and Staff are each allowed ONE ticket per their I.D. Extra tickets must be purchased online or at The Hodge Center Lobby on game-day.

*Students, General Admission, and All Online Pruchases are required to Pickup / Purchase their tickets on Game-Day at identified tables in front of the entrance to The Hodge Center Arena.

*Students are encouraged to be in their seats by 6:45 p.m. on Game-Day to avoid losing seat.

*If you purchased a ticket online from ticketleap.com, you must exchange your e-ticket for an actual ticket at "will-call" in The Hodge Center Lobby.

*Participating Team and Media "Will-Call" is located at the identified tables in The Hodge Center Lobby.

*Fans can only enter The Hodge Center through the front of the building. Doors are identified as "Official / Team Entrance" and "Students / General Admission". Fans entering the arena will need to enter through "Students / General Admission" doors.

*If you need to re-enter The Hodge Center Arena, you hand must be stamped by Event Staff. If you do not have a hand stamp you will not be allowed to re-enter The Hodge Center Arena for any reason without purchasing a ticket.

*All parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will not be able to save parking spots for any other party.


*green/tie dye shirt night.

*Raffle tickets will be given away to those wearing there green or tie dye shirt. Prizes will be given away at halftime. _______________________________________________________________________________________


*Tailgating shall be permitted only on game days designated by the athletic department and posted on the USC Upstate Athletics Website.
*Tailgating shall be restricted to the following areas unless otherwise approved in writing by the Chancellor:

Tailgating Locations and Times

Basketball and Volleyball The Hodge Center Parking Lot
Soccer, Baseball, Softball              University Readiness Center Parking Lot

*Tailgating may begin two (2) hours prior to the commencement of the athletic event, and tailgating shall terminate upon commencement of the athletic event.
*No tailgating is permitted during or after the event.
*Persons wishing to tailgate must be within the designated tailgating area during the designated time period.
*Consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of designated tailgating area(s) and/or the designated time period shall constitute a violation of this Policy.
*Violators are subject to prosecution under the USC Upstate Code of Conduct and/or applicable federal, state, or local laws and ordinances.

Tailgating Rules and Regulations

*Glass containers are prohibited.
*RVs are prohibited.
*Household furniture is prohibited.
*Pets are prohibited.
*Fighting, profanity, and any other violent or inappropriate behavior is prohibited.
*Individuals attending events at USC Upstate are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of the nature and character of the University.
*Persons acting in a disruptive, disrespectful, or disorderly manner may be asked to leave the premises and/or may be subject to arrest. Students may also be charged with violating the USC Upstate Code of Conduct.
*No food may be sold without proper University permission (either Food Services and/or Athletics).
*Propane and charcoal grills are the only permissible sources of heat for cooking. Burned coals and/or residue from cooking may not be permitted to make contact with the paved surface of the parking lot. Hot coals must be completely extinguished with water prior to leaving the tailgating site.
*Open flame fires, including fire pits, are prohibited.
*Participants are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. This includes proper disposal of garbage and charcoal.
*USC Upstate is a smoke free campus, and use of tobacco is prohibited.

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

*Persons within the designated tailgating area must present a picture ID with date of birth at the official ID Station and obtain an ID bracelet if they wish to consume alcoholic beverages at the tailgating event.
*Consumption of alcoholic beverages is limited to the designated tailgating area.
*Liquor and kegs of beer are prohibited.
*Drinking contests or games are prohibited on the USC Upstate campus, including the designated tailgating area.

Please reference the USC Upstate Alcohol and Drug Policy found in the Student Handbook for the complete policy.
USC Upstate Student Affairs

USC Upstate Police Officers will be present and patrolling the tailgating area as well as the surrounding areas to assist with enforcement of these policies.Persons who violate this policy, any other USC Upstate campus policies, or applicable law are subject to prosecution under the USC Upstate Code of Conduct and applicable law.